Reducing underage drinking

Actively seek enforcement of government regulation of underage purchase and consumption and encourage governments to introduce a minimum purchase age and enforce it.

Develop, promote and disseminate educational materials and programs designed to prevent and reduce underage purchase and consumption.

10.74 million unique underage individuals collectively reached, a 10% increase from 2015, with education programs through our work with NGOs, IGOs, and other interested stakeholders.


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Strengthening and expanding marketing codes of practice

Take independently verifiable measures so that print, electronic, broadcast and digital media where alcohol products are advertised have a minimum 70% adult audience.

Develop a set of global guiding principles for alcohol beverage marketing in digital media and put in place, where possible, controls to limit under-age access.

Take steps to enable non-industry participation where none already exists in self-regulatory processes that enforce marketing code standards.

Include appropriate contractual language in advertising agency agreements requiring them to abide by the responsible marketing and promotional codes.

91% of our signatory companies’ contracts with advertising agencies included clauses for the agencies to comply with the responsible alcohol advertising codes for our products – an increase of 5 percentage points from 2015.


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Providing consumer information and responsible product innovation

Commit to not produce any beverage alcohol products that contain excessive amounts of added stimulants or market or promote any beverage alcohol product as delivering energizing or stimulating effects.

Develop a standard set of easily understood symbols to discourage drinking and driving, underage consumption and consumption by pregnant women to appear on packaging.

46% of brands carry responsible drinking messaging. Over 5 years, the signatories commit to packaging that includes symbols and websites on responsible drinking.

*8 companies report by brand.

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Reducing drinking and driving

Assess current drink driving initiatives and replicate the successful ones in six additional countries, mainly focusing on those in the developing world.

All 11 signatory companies reported drink driving prevention programs, for a combined total of 331 programs across 88 countries, with an average of 44 per company – compared to 43 in 2015.

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Enlisting the support of retailers to reduce harmful drinking

Invite leading international retailers to join signatories in launching a responsible retailing initiative, that would create “guiding principles of responsible beverage alcohol retailing,” focusing on current best practice guidelines.

Local responsible retailing initiatives have been rolled out in 72 of the 110 countries (65%) where our signatory companies are now commercially active.  A total of 233 local responsible retailing initiatives were reported in 2016.


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