We commit to invite leading international retailers with whom we have commercial relationships to join us in launching a responsible retailing initiative. The primary aim of the initiative will be to create ‘guiding principles of responsible beverage alcohol retailing’, which will focus on identifying and cataloguing best practice guidelines for responsible beverage alcohol retailing (including discouraging irresponsible promotions to the extent legally permissible; encouraging responsible point-of-sale marketing and promotion in retail establishments; appropriate retailer undertakings on responsible sale of our products and other measures to reduce alcohol-related harm). The initiative will also encourage local responsible retailing initiatives to implement the guiding principles focusing on measures to prevent under-age drinking through e.g., proof-of-age requirements, and on the training of retail staff in how to identify, prevent, and manage intoxicated drinkers.

Commitment Signatories Release Guiding Principles for Responsible Retailing of Beverage Alcohol

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The commitment signatories have released the Guiding Principles for Responsible Retailing of Beverage Alcohol. These principles have been agreed by leading global beer, wine and spirits producers and retailers are intended to encourage both producers and retailers alike to do their part to ensure the responsible sale of alcohol. Along with the principles, signatories have also released the Responsible Retailing Compendium of Best Practices which provides examples of responsible retailing programs and resources.

In support of the Commitments, retailers were engaged to identify responsible retailing standards that are relevant to all markets. Many retailers and producers already have adopted policies and undertake measures to promote responsible retailing.  We believe that with these Guiding Principles we now have a new tool that reaffirms the good policies underway and encourages others to observe these standards as well.

As part of the Commitment to responsible retailing, the signatory companies endorse these principles and pledge to implement them in all markets where we are active.  We invite retailers to join us in endorsing these Guiding Principles using this sample letter.