Recognizing that our efforts alone will not be sufficient, we commit to actively seek enforcement of government regulation of under-age purchase and consumption in all countries where we are commercially active and where a minimum purchase and/or consumption age has been set. In countries where no such limits exist, we will (either alone or with others who share this objective) encourage governments to introduce a minimum purchase age and to enforce it.

In addition, and in connection with the above, we will take other significant and important measures to help reduce the incidence of under-age drinking:

We commit to strengthening our work with other interested stakeholders, including NGOs and IGOs, to develop, promote and disseminate educational materials and programmes designed to prevent and reduce underage purchase and consumption, which either address young people themselves or those known to have a strong influence over their behaviour. This will include consulting experts on the development of best practice educational materials for use by parents, schools and community groups and in social media.


Regulatory Framework to Prevent Under-age Drinking

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The paper Regulatory Framework to Prevent Under-age Drinking: A Review focuses on the action area concerning under-age drinking that seeks to assist governments to enforce existing regulations related to under-age purchase and consumption in countries where signatory companies operate; where no such limit exists, signatories will work to encourage governments to introduce and enforce them. The tables in this paper demonstrate the on-and off-premise legal purchase age of alcohol in countries around the world as well as countries where no formal age legislation is currently in place. In addition to the tables, the paper highlights programs that have been conducted globally around legal age limits.

IARD compiled the data in these tables over time and continues to verify and update them as the laws change and new information emerges. Initially age limits were collected from several sources including IARD policy tables, the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Global Health Observatory, the WHO Global Status Report on Alcohol and Health 2011, and the Swiss Government’s alcohol policy database. Once combined, the current limits were confirmed through review of existing legislation and outreach to stakeholders including, but not limited to, signatory companies, social aspects organizations, researchers, local country contacts, and embassies.

Under-age Initiatives Table

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IARD has compiled the Under-age Initiatives table to index the extent of industry efforts around under-age drinking. This list was prepared following a review of all initiatives reported by individual companies, trade associations and social aspects organizations (SAOs) to IARD’s Initiatives database, SpiritsEUROPE’s Drinksinitiatives.eu database, and the Worldwide Brewing Alliance’s Global Social Responsibility Initiatives database.

Initiatives included in the table are programmatic or preventive in nature, and focus specifically on the issue of under-age drinking. Efforts cataloged address under-age drinking through raising awareness about legal age limits and risks, educating parents, age verification schemes, server training, and providing information to retailers. In order to highlight only the most relevant initiatives, programs that address underage drinking along with other issue areas have not been included here.