We commit to take independently verifiable measures (using reasonably available data) within the next 12 months so that print, electronic, broadcast and digital media in which we advertise our products have a minimum 70% adult audience.

We commit to develop during 2013 a set of global guiding principles for alcohol beverage marketing in digital media that will require the content of any online marketing to meet the same high standards that apply to our traditional marketing activities. With respect to digital ‘social media sites’, where we are engaged in direct interaction with consumers, we also commit to put in place, where possible, controls to limit under-age access and operate a consumer age affirmation mechanism. We will invite relevant social media providers to work with us to achieve this.

Over the next 5 years, we commit to take steps to enable non-industry participation where none already exists in self-regulatory processes that enforce code standards, and will undertake to abide by the decisions made.

We commit to include appropriate contractual language in our agreements with our advertising agencies, where practicable and legal, that will require them to abide by our responsible marketing and promotional codes for our products.

70/30 Compliance in Digital Marketing in 17 Countries

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In the framework of the Beer, Wine and Spirits Producers’ Commitments to Reduce Harmful Drinking, IARD and the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) commissioned Ebiquity, an independent media, and marketing analytics company, to undertake an extensive study of compliance with the 70/30 rule. Leading alcohol producers are committed to strengthening and expanding marketing codes of practice. As part of the initiative to implement common standards for responsible advertising and directing marketing communications only to those adults who can lawfully buy their products, the world’s leading alcohol companies have committed to report on the application of the 70/30 audience composition rule in digital media. This review assesses Oct-Dec 2015 digital display, social and video activity for 11 advertisers across 17 markets, validating advertising placement delivery on a site level against independent, consolidated audience measurement panel data. Results: overall 99% of Signatories’ measured advertisements across all markets were 70/30 rule compliant and the average adult composition across all measured sites where Signatories’ digital ads appeared was 93% adult.

Read the Report: 70/30 Compliance in Digital Marketing in 17 Countries (2017).

In the News: February 17, 2017 - Cambodia Responsible Alcohol Marketing and Communication Code of Conduct

The Asia Pacific International Wine and Spirits Alliance (APIWSA) together with the Minister of Information signed the Cambodia Responsible Alcohol Marketing and Communication Code of Conduct. The code of conduct represents a set of common standards supported by major international wine and spirits producers, and marks another important step in the ongoing efforts to continue promoting a responsible drinking culture in Cambodia.

The signing ceremony was attended by IARD, as well as delegates from the Ministry of Information, Ministry of Public Works and Transport, National Road Safety Committee, APIWSA company members, local distributor (Attwood) and national media. This follows the launch of the ‘Stay Safe – Drink Wise’ awareness campaign, implemented by APIWSA in partnership with the Ministry of Public Works and Transport and the National Road Safety Committee.


In the News: May 17, 2016 – Argentinian Wineries, Brewers, and Spirits Distillers and Importers agree on self-regulatory advertising guidelines

After a year of constructive dialogue, the three main sectorial producers of alcohol beverages in Argentina have signed a historical agreement on self-regulatory of marketing and advertising at the Argentinian trade association for food and beverages (COPAL) headquarters in Buenos Aires. The agreement covers six major self-regulatory areas in the advertising and marketing of alcohol and emphasizes that, as a requisite, individuals who appear in advertisements must be at least 25 years old and represent their age…


Ensuring that adults make up at least 70% of the advertising audience

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One of our central tenets is that advertising for alcohol should be placed only in media which can reasonably be expected to meet stated audience composition targets, where at least 70% of the audience is of legal purchase age. We commissioned Ebiquity, an independent media and marketing analytics company, to undertake an extensive study of compliance with the 70/30 rule. The data collected covers 2013 television advertising of Commitments signatories’ products in 30 important markets across six continents.

Results: Across all markets, 92.1% of all spots were found to be compliant. This resulted in 90% of the total audience reached by the Commitments signatories’ television advertisements being of Legal Purchase Age.

Read the report: 70/30 Monitoring of 2013 Television Ads in 30 Markets.

Commitments Signatory Companies Release Digital Guiding Principles

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The Commitments signatory companies have released the Digital Guiding Principles (DGPs), the first-ever set of global guidelines for beverage alcohol producers’ online marketing and social media use. The DGPs build on an extensive analysis of existing alcohol marketing self-regulation codes and aim to standardize them across companies, across markets, and across digital platforms to provide guidance for all digital marketing content produced by signatory companies moving forward.

The DGPs will be independently monitored, with results shared publicly, and include clear guidance for social media use by producers that can evolve with the rapid pace of technology. The DGPs require the content of any online marketing to meet the same high standards that apply to traditional marketing activities.

For more information please see the press release and the DGPs.